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eQUEST does use DOE-2 macros with the same syntax as DOE2.1e if you edit the .inp file directly. The frustrating thing is that eQUEST evaluates the macros when you reopen the project and strips out the macro definitions leaving the resultant value. So it is useless if you hope to use macros for parametric runs in the eQUEST interface - at least in the tests I have carried out. You can use parametric expressions but the statements become much longer and, in my opinion, harder to use but that's likely because I am so used to the macro language.

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People on the eQUEST/DOE-2.2 Development Team can correct me if I'm wrong, but IF DOE-2 expressions use the same syntax as DOE-2 macros, those are well-explained in the DOE-2 Supplement, Version 2.1E, by Winkelmann et al. 1993, LBL-34947, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley CA pp. 1.42-1.77 .  You should be able to find a PDF version of this document on the Web, since it's included in the DOE-2.1E release, but if not, let me know and I'll see whether I could put my PDF version online somewhere.


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On 2016/8/31 15:42, Saif A via Equest-users wrote:
Hi guys,

is there any materials (Books, websites, examples) to learn DOE 2 expressions beside the "Overview of DOE-2.2".

Thank you,



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