[Equest-users] WSHP System with PS-H Report Circulation Loop Overload

Kathryn Kerns kathryn.kerns at bceengineers.com
Fri Jan 22 12:10:14 PST 2016

Everyone, I made an energy model of a building being served by water source heat pumps attached to a typical water loop with a fluid cooler and a boiler. I let eQuest size all the equipment including the boiler and water source heat pumps. The PS-H Water Loop report showed the following:

[cid:image001.png at 01D1550D.7A65E910]

Notice that in January, the peak heating load is -991.9 kbtu/hr, the peak net load is -576.1 kbtu/hr, and the peak over load is -355.6 kbtu/hr. eQuest sized the water loop boiler to be -576.1 kbtu/hr. I believe these numbers are correct and the boiler size is correct but I cannot find an explanation in a document telling me how net load and over load is calculated and what they mean. I can explain how eQuest develops the heat load, but not the other two loads. I know a typical hot water coil system has heat load peaks equal to net load peaks and the over loads are usually zero. I am pretty sure the over load value is related to the heat pump COP, but I would like to be able to point to a written piece of documentation explaining this. Anybody know where to look?


P.S. the energy model ran successfully with less than 10 heating hours out of throttling range.

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