[Equest-users] Who has a big SIM?

Bishop, Bill bbishop at pathfinder-ea.com
Fri Dec 18 12:31:16 PST 2015

Hi Nick,
I’m working on a rather complex project right now – an existing building consisting of multiple additions. The model has 31 shells and 510 zones (including plenum zones), and that’s after we did some floor multipliers and other things to keep it from being too big. It has a 28.6 MB, 7622 page SIM file, and that’s with no extra hourly reports.

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Hey everyone!

I have an oddball request:  can anybody share from experience how large SIM files can grow in size within your normal, “real world” usage of eQUEST/doe2?

By “real world usage,” I don’t mean to ask how big SIM’s can get when you’re trying to make them big... Rather just what size of SIM file represents your own “worst-case” scenario.

I’m asking because I’m working on testing out a few different strategies for parsing SIM outputs to weed out a particularly efficient approach (with Python).  I’d like to get my hands on or to generate a suitable “worst case test case” with which to evaluate my efforts.

Some observations:

·        The most complex project I’ve worked on in recent memory clocks in around 24.7 MB.   Sadly, as a practice I usually strip out and delete all output files when I conclude a project to save on disk space, so I don’t have a lot of existing SIM examples lying around to simply check.

·        A “dummy” DD wizard model with zero detailed edits generates a SIM weighting about 6 MB

·        It appears Custom Hourly reports add approximately 1.5 to 2 MB apiece (+365 pages in the SIM file)




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