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If it’s appropriate for your AHU SAT control scheme, I think you can select the “steam loop” for the system HW-LOOP, and then select the 130F HW Loop for the “PREHEAT-LOOP,” “REHEAT-LOOP,” and BB-LOOPs. The humidifier will draw from the HW-LOOP. I recall doing that. As I think about it, I’m not sure whether it was one of those “clever” ideas that  worked or not! You MAY need to size the HW-COIL… but control it so it never comes on….

There is also no sensible gain from the humidifier, it’s perfectly isothermal. If you are using the same source for heat and humidification that doesn’t really matter since you usually need to heat when humidifying.

Of course at least we can use a “loop” for humidification, as opposed to those poor folks using E+ based software who just finally got a “gas” humidifier.

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The makeup water is not included the energy that I’ve been able to tell.

To properly model steam systems in eQUEST I’ve added a process load that accounts for: make up water and the deaerator. The total energy impact can be significant (20-30%) depending on your system design.

While we’re on the topic of steam systems in eQUEST. It would be nice if you could have a separate boiler system for the humidifier from the heating hot water system. We’ve been using heat recovery chillers and condensing boilers for a lot of projects lately that generate 130F hot water with separate process steam boilers for humidification and/or sterilizers to be more energy efficient, which currently can’t be modeled in eQUEST.


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I’m questionning myself on the calculations made by DOE towards the humidification load.

Does anyone know if the energy necessary to bring cold water make-up to its boiling point is accounted for by DOE?
After a quick look in the engineer’s manual, it seems to me as if the humidification load only accounts for the heat of vaporisation of water. As if the water supply is already at it’s boiling point.

Did I overlook something?
I need a captain here!

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