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E+ could be one of considerations for such performance checks. Check here [
In terms of sizing parameters such as "pipe length", you should use actual
design data. Though you could find some default values within the
simulation program but use them with caution.

Hope this helps.

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> Hi friends,
> I hope you all are doing well.
> I'd like to simulate a hydronic radiant cooling system. Through pipes,
> water goes inside a masonry/concrete wall and cools down the room
> temperature. We will use the warmed water for another purpose. What I am
> interested in is how the wall would perform in terms of energy
> performance/thermal response, how the air temperature would fluctuate when
> in contact with the wall, how long pipe I need, etc.
> Do you think EnergyPlus can be used in order to simulate this type of
> system or similar ones?
> My experience with EnergyPlus is limited, so I would appreciate any help
> you can provide. Thank you very much for your assistance in advance.
> If you have suggestions about the best software for this type of work, I
> would appreciate it.
> Best,
> Mohammad
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