[Bldg-sim] White Box Technologies makes available online CZ2022 weather files for California Title-24 compliance calculations or utility studies (mistake in first link)

Joe Huang yjhuang at whiteboxtechnologies.com
Thu Jul 1 08:31:38 PDT 2021

Sorry. I forgot to capitalize the "cz" in the first link.

The correct link to select the CZ2022 files by list is weather.whiteboxtechnologies.com/CZ2022

Thanks to Jason for pointing this out to me.


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On 7/1/2021 3:41 AM, Joe Huang wrote:
> With support from PG&E, White Box Technologies (WBT) worked with the California Energy 
> Commission from Jan - July 2019  to create the CZ2022 weather files to be used in 
> compliance calculations for the 2022 version of Title-24.  The California Public 
> Utilities Commission (CPUC) also recommends their use for weather normalization in 
> utility energy efficiency projects.
> The CZ2022 weather files replaces the CZ2010 weather files that were created in 2009, 
> also by WBT.  Whereas the CZ2010 files were extracted from a 12 year period of record 
> (1998-2009), the CZ2022 files are from a 20 year period of record (1998-2017). Both the 
> CZ2010 and CZ2022 are distinct from other "typical year" weather files in their use of 
> state-wide typical months so that the Energy Commission can calculate Time-Dependent 
> Valuation (TDV) of energy based on the synchronized load of the entire utility grid. The 
> selected year for each month is as follows:  Jan 2004, Feb 2008, Mar 2014, Apr 2011, May 
> 2017, Jun 2013, Jul 2011, Aug 2008, Sep 2006, Oct 2012, Nov 2005, and Dec 2004.
> There are 97 locations in the CZ2022 set, although WBT and PGE intend to increase that 
> number to 127 to match the number of locations with historical weather data.
> To select the CZ2022 files by list, please go to weather.whiteboxtechnologies.com/cz2022
> To select the CZ2022 files on a map, please go to 
> weather.whiteboxtechnologies.com/map-all-typical-year?t=CZ2022
> Full documentation of the CZ2022 weather files is available at 
> http://weather.whiteboxtechnologies.com/pdf/PGE0450.pdf
> Joe

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