[Bldg-sim] White Box Technologies makes available online CZ2022 weather files for California Title-24 compliance calculations or utility studies

Joe Huang yjhuang at whiteboxtechnologies.com
Thu Jul 1 03:41:00 PDT 2021

With support from PG&E, White Box Technologies (WBT) worked with the California Energy 
Commission from Jan - July 2019  to create the CZ2022 weather files to be used in 
compliance calculations for the 2022 version of Title-24.  The California Public Utilities 
Commission (CPUC) also recommends their use for weather normalization in utility energy 
efficiency projects.

The CZ2022 weather files replaces the CZ2010 weather files that were created in 2009, also 
by WBT.  Whereas the CZ2010 files were extracted from a 12 year period of record 
(1998-2009), the CZ2022 files are from a 20 year period of record (1998-2017). Both the 
CZ2010 and CZ2022 are distinct from other "typical year" weather files in their use of 
state-wide typical months so that the Energy Commission can calculate Time-Dependent 
Valuation (TDV) of energy based on the synchronized load of the entire utility grid. The 
selected year for each month is as follows:  Jan 2004, Feb 2008, Mar 2014, Apr 2011, May 
2017, Jun 2013, Jul 2011, Aug 2008, Sep 2006, Oct 2012, Nov 2005, and Dec 2004.

There are 97 locations in the CZ2022 set, although WBT and PGE intend to increase that 
number to 127 to match the number of locations with historical weather data.

To select the CZ2022 files by list, please go to weather.whiteboxtechnologies.com/cz2022

To select the CZ2022 files on a map, please go to 

Full documentation of the CZ2022 weather files is available at 



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