[Bldg-sim] SPC 229 Meeting Scheduled for Orlando

Jason Glazer jglazer at gard.com
Thu Jan 30 04:08:25 PST 2020

I hope everyone interested in the standard to test rulesets 
(such as Appendix G) will be able to attend.

See the details below.


On 1/2/2020 6:36 PM, Goel, Supriya via Bldg-sim wrote:
> Hello,
> A meeting has been scheduled to discuss the proposed 
> Standard SPC 229: Protocols for Evaluating Ruleset 
> Implementation in Building Performance Modeling Software
> Details about the meeting can be found here 
> <https://events.rdmobile.com/Sessions/Details/957686>. A 
> short summary of the proposed standard along with the 
> approved TPS have been provided below.
> The meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 4^th from 1 
> PM to 5 PM EST at Hilton Orlando, Room- Key Largo B
> This will be an informal meeting as the committee 
> membership has not been approved by ASHRAE yet.
> The meeting agenda would include an update on the 
> membership applications received, the TPS as approved by 
> ASHRAE and discussions around the key components of the 
> proposed standard.
> *Summary:*
> The standard would apply to software tools that implement 
> rulesets (like Standard 90.1 Appendix G) and can 
> automatically generate the baseline building energy model 
> based on the user’s building energy model. This 
> transformation process is complex and largely dependent on 
> interpretation of code requirements. ASHRAE Standard 140 
> tests some of the physics involved in building energy 
> modeling but does not include any standard method for 
> testing the implementation of the rulesets that are so 
> fundamental to the compliance process. The intent of this 
> standard is to provide definitions, tests, conformance 
> conditions, reporting, data schema and other requirements 
> for testing and verifying building energy modeling 
> software that performs compliance analysis.
> *TPS: *(Available over here 
> <https://protect2.fireeye.com/v1/url?k=1bc3aa6a-477694a5-1bc3807f-0cc47adc5e60-2edf32310aadd863&q=1&e=7b8d0b34-66a1-4500-bcf8-d6d3acdf5920&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ashrae.org%2Ftechnical-resources%2Fstandards-and-guidelines%2Ftitles-purposes-and-scopes>)
> *SPC 229P – Proposed Standard* Authorized November 15, 2019**
> *Title:**Protocols for Evaluating Ruleset Implementation 
> in Building Performance Modeling Software*
>  1. *PURPOSE: *This standard establishes tests and
>     acceptance criteria for implementation of rulesets
>     (e.g., modeling rules) and related reporting in
>     building performance modeling software.
>  2. *SCOPE:*
>     2.1 This standard applies to building performance
>     modeling software that implements rulesets.
>     *2.2 *This standard applies to rulesets associated
>     with new or existing buildings and their systems,
>     system controls, their sites, and other aspects of
>     buildings described by the ruleset implementation
>     being evaluated.
> *_Meetings so far:_*
> A small group, including members of TC 4.7 (Energy 
> Calculations), TC 7.6 (Building Energy Performance) and 
> SSPC 140 (Standard Method of Test for the Evaluation of 
> Building Energy Analysis Computer Programs) met several 
> times earlier this year to define the TPS. TC 4.7 voted to 
> approve the TPS at the ASHRAE Summer meeting in Kansas 
> City and TC 7.6 also voted to show their support for the 
> development of this standard.
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