[Bldg-sim] Free Webinar: Maximizing the ROI from your EnergyPlus Model

David Cocking David.Cocking at designbuilder.co.uk
Mon Feb 3 01:04:22 PST 2020

Our next webinar on 19th February will build on the previous "Making EnergyPlus viable for industry energy modelers" webinar. This time we'll demonstrate how you can extract significantly more value and maximize the return on the time you have already invested in your model. The webinar will cover:

  *   Popular questions from the previous webinar including common themes on areas the audience find difficult in other tools: modelling and editing more advanced geometry including complex roof shapes, and easy ways to model sloping or difficult ground topology. We'll show how you can do this quickly in DesignBuilder.

  *   Using the EnergyPlus Airflow Network within DesignBuilder so you can see how much faster and easier it is to model natural ventilation and mixed mode strategies for passive design, and to

  *   Quantify the overheating risk in naturally ventilated buildings.

  *   Additional calculations such as cost, daylighting and CFD using the same model as for your EnergyPlus energy/thermal/comfort simulations.

  *   Using optimization for design and retrofit projects.

  *   And how DesignBuilder's scripting tools can be used to customise your model behaviour at each time-step in the simulation.

You can register to watch the webinar live on 19th February or to access the recording here: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/8904990157846347532

EnergyPlus is widely regarded as the best building performance simulation engine available, but it doesn't come with a free user-friendly interface. If you are interested in using EnergyPlus, but have found OpenStudio or the IDF Editor too complex or time-consuming to learn or to use, then you will be interested in our previous (extremely popular) webinar "Making EnergyPlus viable for industry energy modelers": https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/617323404987138573

Kind Regards,

David Cocking
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