[Bldg-sim] New Climate Data available from Climate.OneBuilding -- USA ... and our 13, 000th location!

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Definitely! Thanks so much.

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Dru - the hard work of you and your colleagues is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Climate.OneBuilding.org<http://climate.onebuilding.org> is pleased to announce the availability of new climate data (TMYx) -- including our 13,000th location -- 2585 locations in USA. These new data include 2018 (TMYx based on 2004-2018 data) and NSRDB PSM V3 (https://nsrdb.nrel.gov/) solar data for USA.

TMYx are derived from the ISD (US NOAA's Integrated Surface Database) with hourly data through 2018 using the TMY2/ISO ISO 15927-4:2005 methodologies. Of course, any naming mistakes in any of the countries are ours. More details on the numbers of locations by country are at the end of this message.

Adding these data to the earlier (April/October/November 2018 and February/March/July 2019) sets for the rest of the world, Climate.OneBuilding.org<http://Climate.OneBuilding.org> now provides a worldwide climate TMYx data at no cost for more than 13,250 locations and another 3,200 from other data sources worldwide. All data have been through extensive quality checking to identify and correct data errors and out of normal range values where appropriate.

Each climate location .zip on Climate.OneBuilding.org<http://climate.onebuilding.org> contains: EPW (EnergyPlus weather format), CLM (ESP-r weather format), and WEA (Daysim weather format) along with DDY (ASHRAE design conditions in EnergyPlus format), RAIN (hourly precipitation in mm, where available), and STAT (expanded EnergyPlus weather statistics).

For more information or to download any of the weather data (no cost), go to http://climate.onebuilding.org

Climate files in this update:

•        TMYx WMO Region 4 (North and Central America) 2585 USA locations, 4981 climate files: 2585 from full dataset, 2396 with 2004-2018 years data.

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