[Bldg-sim] IECC vs 90.1 compliance modeling "survey"

Maria Karpman maria.karpman at karpmanconsulting.net
Thu Aug 15 06:19:40 PDT 2019

Hi Eric,

In my experience, the use of IECC Total Building Performance is on decline.
Some jurisdictions (New York City, Rode Island) no longer allow it, in part
because it hasn’t been continuously maintained. The graphs below are based
on a survey of 25 jurisdictions and 5 above-code programs across the
country that was done as part of a research project, and illustrate
popularity of different performance-based compliance options. As you can
see, 90.1 Appendix G came out as the winner based on the responses we got.

Starting with the 90.1 2016 edition, Appendix G Performance Rating Method
(PRM) has become an approved path of compliance with 90.1, but many
jurisdictions with earlier base codes already accept it. For example, New
York and Connecticut have a Standard 90.1 2013 base code but allow using
the 90.1 2016 version of the PRM. Many jurisdictions accept documented
participation in approved above-code programs as a proxy for code
compliance, which is consistent with the IECC Section C102.1.1, that allows
jurisdictions to “deem a national, state or local energy efficiency program
to exceed the energy efficiency required by this code [to be considered in
compliance]”. Since many utility incentive programs and above-code programs
such as LEED and EPA EnergyStar Multifamily High-rise Program are based on
90.1 Appendix G, projects that pursue these programs should be able to
recycle the models for code compliance. (If this is not yet allowed in a
particular jurisdiction, design teams can submit an official interstation
request to get it approved.) FYI, both LEED and EPA allow using 2016
version of Appendix G.

*Question*: What performance-based compliance options are allowed in your
jurisdiction or above-code program? If several options are allowed, select
all that apply in the "Performance-based Compliance Option" column. In the
"Year" column, indicate the edition used. For example, if 90.1 2016
Appendix G is allowed, enter "2016". For each option, enter approximate
percentage of projects that use it.

Hope this helps,


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For those of you who do 2015 IECC compliance modeling, do you use the
IECC’s Total Building Performance method or do you use ASHRAE 90.1-2013
Energy Cost Budget Method instead? Main reasons you use one or the other?

The State of Hawaii is considering holding training on the performance
method for local designers, and I'm curious about standard practice



*Erik Kolderup, PE, LEED AP*

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