[Bldg-sim] TRAINING - EnergyPlus and OpenStudio in New York (June 10-13)

Aaron Boranian aaron.boranian at bigladdersoftware.com
Tue Apr 23 08:24:21 PDT 2019

Big Ladder Software is pleased to announce that we are leading a workshop
series in *New York City* in *June! *This workshop series will offer
training opportunities for *EnergyPlus* and *OpenStudio* at the *Building
Energy Exchange*.

*EnergyPlus* for Practitioners
 *(June 10-11)*

*OpenStudio* Launch Pad

Advanced OpenStudio
<https://bigladdersoftware.com/training/index.html#advanced-openstudio> *(June

*Register now for New York City

*See our other upcoming workshops in Dallas


EnergyPlus for Practitioners

*Workshop Description*

- Have you ever wanted to truly understand how to use *EnergyPlus* at the
text level?
- Have you been using *OpenStudio*, *DesignBuilder*, or another GUI and had
the need to peek under the hood to debug a problem or implement a measure
or workaround?

*This workshop should be a prerequisite for anyone planning to work
with EnergyPlus regardless of what user interface you choose.*

This two-day workshop focuses on the needs of the energy modeling
practitioner in order to get you up to speed and highly productive with
*EnergyPlus* as quickly as possible. We cover the fundamentals of
*EnergyPlus* such as geometry and internal loads while rapidly ramping up
to advanced topics such as HVAC systems and controls. We guide you through
the complexities of the *EnergyPlus* syntax, input/output files,
documentation, and essential software tools including the *OpenStudio* (legacy)
plugin for *SketchUp*. Most importantly, we teach you how to use the
available resources to teach yourself going forward. Demonstrations and
hands-on exercises are used extensively throughout. By the end of the
workshop, you should be comfortable with creating, running, and debugging
*EnergyPlus* models.

OpenStudio Launch Pad

*Workshop Description*

This one-day workshop aims to quickly launch you into the world of the
*OpenStudio* graphical user interface for *EnergyPlus*. We cover the major
features and capabilities of the interface including creating and editing
geometry using the full *OpenStudio* plugin for *SketchUp*, managing space
types and internal loads, and configuring HVAC systems and controls. (
*OpenStudio* measure writing is not covered.) Demonstrations and hands-on
exercises are used extensively throughout.

*Previous experience with EnergyPlus is recommended but not required.*

*Advanced OpenStudioWorkshop DescriptionThis one-day workshop
covers advanced modeling topics related to the OpenStudio interface. We
cover how to add custom library data (HVAC, building types, etc.), model
“bulk” air flow (infiltration, ventilation, inter-zone mixing, transfer
air), configure layout and controls for advanced plant systems, use best
practices for debugging energy models, and include thermal bridging effects
in energy models. OpenStudio measure writing is not covered. Demonstrations
and hands-on exercises are used extensively throughout.Previous experience
with EnergyPlus is recommended but not required. *

Aaron Boranian
808 895-1741

Big Ladder Software LLC
1624 Market Street, Suite 304
Denver, CO 80202
http://bigladdersoftware.com <http://www.bigladdersoftware.com/>
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