[Bldg-sim] Tracking Hurricane Florence through the Wilmington weather file

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Larry, Linda, others,

Average daily wind speed has always been one of the parameters used to select "typical months" in the TMY methodology used by NREL that others like me have followed to create the IWEC2s, etc. Its weight, however, is low compared to the cumulative weights for temperature (average, max, min dry-bulb), humidity (average, max, min dewpoint), and solar ( average global horizontal and sometimes also direct normal irradiance). The other thing to consider is that the TMY methodology does not exclude any month due to outliers, but looks at the difference in the cumulative distribution of these daily parameters to the long-term distribution, and picks that month with the best correspondence of CFDs. Thus, it is possible that a month with an extreme event might still be selected, but the fact that a hurricane affects all 8 or 9 parameters and can extend over several days makes it unlikely. On the other hand, if the statistics were to pick a month with a hurricane, is that really a problem? One of the things I like about the TMY methodology is that it aims to pick a month with the most representative distribution of conditions, not the blandest month with no peaks and valleys.

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> Larry,
> Wind Speed is not usually one of the items for selection of TMYs but one would hope that other factors might disregard those events/months.
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