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All lighting and equipment values are within 1% of each other. That's
probably close enough to be considered "the same", considering the complex
E+ calculations and some rounding errors, but it is less close than seems
reasonable. Have you compared inputs and schedules for each of those in
each IDF?

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> Hi,
> I am currently modelling a simple HVAC model on DesignBuilder. I need to
> run the simulation to obtain annual electricity consumption due to Cooling,
> Lighting and Interior Equipment for different construction materials. For
> some reason, while all the input is the same apart from the U value for the
> external wall, the electricity end-use for lighting and interior equipment
> changes as follows:
> U value Lighting Equipment
> 2.04 496.38 885.89
> 2 494.72 880.84
> 1.85 487.9 860.3
> The LPD and Equipment Power Density remains the same with the same
> schedule, why is the annual electricity consumption changing?
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