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Kiran Ghosh kirankghosh31 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 5 05:56:56 PDT 2018


I am currently modelling a simple HVAC model on DesignBuilder. I need to
run the simulation to obtain annual electricity consumption due to Cooling,
Lighting and Interior Equipment for different construction materials. For
some reason, while all the input is the same apart from the U value for the
external wall, the electricity end-use for lighting and interior equipment
changes as follows:

U value Lighting Equipment
2.04 496.38 885.89
2 494.72 880.84
1.85 487.9 860.3

The LPD and Equipment Power Density remains the same with the same
schedule, why is the annual electricity consumption changing?
Thanks and Regards
Kiran K Ghosh
kirankghosh31 at gmail.com
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