[Bldg-sim] building indoor temperature and humidity prediction

Daniel Ruepp daniel at ruepp.at
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Hey there,


IDA ICE is the best choice, no matter what type of building, which variable you want to analyze or what kind of components and controls you need.





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Hello Ibrahim,


If it’s an existing/built building, you’ll want to acquire a quantity of these to measure directly:  http://www.onsetcomp.com/products/data-loggers/ux100-003.  Very useful for objectively quantifying occupant comfort issues and operation/malfunctions of building or space-level humidity controls, which can then support energy savings/costs associated with correcting those kinds of issues.


If it’s a new building or else only on paper at the moment, any number of energy simulation software can report temperature and RH of airstreams at a system or zonal resolution.  eQuest/doe2 is among them, however I’m inclined to suggest/request you to be more specific about your purpose and end-goals, supplemented with any existing building simulation experience/skillsets.  eQuest comes with a definite learning curve before it’s outputs can be leveraged with confidence, and there might be software more purpose-built options appropriate to your task(s) at hand that I or others could suggest.





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Hi everybody,

Please, could someone help me to find a software that can predict the indoor temperature and humidity of a building?

Thank you very much for your help




NEYA Ibrahim

Ingénieur en Génie Electrique et Énergétique


Tél : 00226 61 85 77 07

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