[Bldg-sim] Wind driven rain data

Roel Tersteeg R.M.Tersteeg at lboro.ac.uk
Wed Jul 4 03:52:49 PDT 2018

Dear all,

For the verification of a model to estimate wind driven rain (WDR) I would like to use WDR data from different microclimates (rural, (sub)urban). I have access to several data sets of free field or airfield WDR measurements from different locations and the results from a measurement campaign in Vancouver. To better evaluate the model I would like to use measured data from one or more locations with different microclimates, not being free field or airfield sites.

My question is if someone knows if measurements are available of wind driven rain in one or more microclimates?

Kind regards,

Roel Tersteeg MSc

Building Energy Research Group
School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering
Loughborough University
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