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Agent based modeling is a reality with Quelea




Imagine if you could assign behaviors to particles and study structures, fluid flow, and even the flow of people for energy modeling?

Quelea is a rule-based design library packaged into Grasshopper components as a free add-on to the 3D modeling environment, Rhinoceros. It allows you to create complex simulations, analyses, and forms through the combination of simple rules. Quelea provides an intuitive interface to experiment with particle systems, agents/boids, braitenberg vehicles, and everything in-between and beyond.

About the Instructor

Alex Fischer is a Software Engineer at Adobe and a recent Carnegie Mellon University graduate with a Master of Science in Computational Design and Minor in Software Engineering where he created Quelea as part of his thesis. He received a Bachelor of Architecture in May, 2014, with a Minor in Computer Science and completed his bachelor’s thesis, Embodied Computation: Exploring Roboforming for the Mass-Customization of Architectural Components. Alex specializes in programming computational design tools, rationalization of complex geometry for fabrication, parametric modeling, environmental analysis, robotic fabrication, and new forms of representation and interaction.




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