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There is not really any answer to your question. The way that you zone a 
building depends on what you want to know from your simulation. If you 
are combining a thermal and airflow simulation of the building then you 
might treat each room as its own zone. If you have a very large building 
(such as a highrise) then you might treat every floor as a zone or 
perhaps you might divide each floor into a core zone and as many 
perimeter zones as there are solar orientations. In between those two 
extremes, it is not uncommon to choose thermal zones that correspond to 
the HVAC zones of the building (areas that are controlled by one 

If you are using Trnsys18 there is an extensive tutorial in the 
.\Trnsys18\Documentation\ folder that will teach you what you need to 
know to model buildings. If you have Trnsys17 then there is a less 
extensive but still useful tutorial in 

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On 05/12/2018 12:43, Lakjiri Souad via TRNSYS-users wrote:
> Hi
> I am a beginner in Trnbuild, how can I subdivide a tertialy building 
> composed of 3 buildings .Each building composed of 4 levels.Each flour 
> is composed of several offices,rooms and halls! I am seachinf an 
> optimal subdivision on zones.
> Thankyou
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