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You are not doing anything wrong. Setting that parameter to -1 simply 
sets the number of plots to 12 for an annual simulation. The scale of 
the x axis does not change.

What I prefer to do is to write an equation:

nPlots = (STOP-START)/168

and then use "nPlots" as the value of the Type65 parameter (hint: you'll 
have to change that parameter's units to "string" in v17 or to 
"variable" in v18). You will then get weekly plots from your Type65s.

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On 05/08/2018 04:46, Tapp_fi Tappatrice Sigillatrice via TRNSYS-users wrote:
> Dear trnsys user, using the type65d I noticed that you can view the 
> plots related to each month of the year by setting parameter -1 in the 
> entry "Number of plots for simulation". I am conducting an internal 
> one-year simulation (8760hr) of a building-plant model and would like 
> to display the plots of each month. Unfortunately I have noticed that 
> the number of hours, relative to each month, of each plot is wrong, 
> for example for the month of January the plot starts from 0 hr to 
> 730hr when in reality the month of January has 744hr. Where am I doing 
> wrong? Which parameter (s) should I change? Thank you for your help, 
> greetings Massimiliano
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