[TRNSYS-users] TRNSYS 18 Error 101 Missing Data Card

Russo Gianluca gianlucarusso1994 at gmail.com
Wed May 23 05:01:47 PDT 2018

Dear TRNSYS users,

I made a model to simulate the behavior of Heat Pumps inside a building powered by PV panels. The model works fine in TRNSYS 17 but when I open it in TRNSYS 18 it gives me the following errors:

TRNSYS Message 101: Missing data card. TRNSYS was unable to find some required information on the data card in "reported information”
Reported information : CL_ACS

TRNSYS Message 77: The TRNSYS Processor has found an illegal input specification in a UNIT-TYPE statement.

This issue is given by Type 927.

Why does TRNSYS 17 run the model but TRNSYS 18 doesn’t?

Thank you very much for your help.
Best regards,

Gianluca Russo

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