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Hello all,

I managed to build a customized TRNSYS Type in C++ by extending the Type202 example that is delivered with TRNSYS 17. I can access the input values and return the corresponding output values without any problems. However, the communication with the TRNSYS Core functions somehow don’t work. Whenever I invoke some function that returns an integer value (like getMaxLabelLength()), the result is NaN. Whenever I try to invoke some function that returns characters (like getDeckFileName()), TRNSYS crashes with something like „Access violation at address XXXXX in module ‚TRNDLL.DLL‘. Write of address XXXXX.“ or with „forttrl: severe (408): fort: (18): Dummy character variable ‚GETLABEL at 0‘ has length 300 which is greater than actual variable length 1“ (in case of getLabel).

As I read in other topics like this one, there seemed to be several issues in the TRNSYS.h header file and the library files long ago: 

However, 11 years later, is there a workaround for this problem?

Thanks in advance.


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