[TRNSYS-users] Error: division by zero

Hsein Moussawi hsein_moussawi at hotmail.com
Wed May 4 04:42:59 PDT 2016

Hello there,

I am trying to compute certain equation, but I am constantly getting the following error:

[ TRNSYS Message 5 : The TRNSYS Program attempted to evaluate an EQUATION that has a division by zero. Please check the EQUATION formulation and re-run    the simulation
   Reported information  : EFF_ENERGY ]

I made sure to calculate the equation only when the denominator is positive as follows:

[ Eff_energy = GT(m_H2,0)*(P_load+Q_heating+Q_DHW+Q_cooling)/(m_H2*LHV) ]

Any help would be appreciated...
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