[Ibpsausa] East Coast DesignBuilder/EnergyPlus Training

Christian Stalberg christian at naturalintelligence.us
Tue Apr 7 15:41:48 PDT 2015

East Coast USA training registration underway.

Don't miss this opportunity to be trained in the easiest to use/learn, most
powerful whole building energy performance tool available.

DesignBuilder is an elegant, seamless integration of building energy
performance tools encompassing the totality of building energy use,
including whole building energy simulation, daylighting and
internal/external CFD (computational fluid dynamics).

Suitable for both residential and commercial applications, DesignBuilder was
the first graphical user interface (GUI) to EnergyPlus, the 'gold standard'
for whole building energy simulation. With more than ten years of
development invested, DesignBuilder is the building energy performance tool
of choice for today's architects and engineers.

Developed to simplify the process of building simulation, DesignBuilder
allows you to rapidly compare the function and performance of building
designs and deliver early stage thru final results on time and on budget.
Unlike other products which generate results that are broad and indefinite,
or do not address daylighting or airflow and 3-D temperature distribution
data in and around buildings, DesignBuilder provides a total solution with
data results you can have complete confidence in.

The training will be run using version 4 of DesignBuilder and will cover
many of the new and enhanced features such as the new geometric modeler with
enhanced block geometry editing, the ability to mirror blocks, add
individual surfaces, and produce cut-away/section visualizations. Version 4
can produce ASHRAE 90.1 standards compliant baseline models required of
various certification and credit programs including LEED, IRS, etc.

The training is suitable for new and experienced users alike. It is fully
modular so that people can attend just one or any number of the days.

The course is organized so that architects could attend only the first 2-3
days and the last 2 days are specific to engineers. The focus on day 3 is
low energy and passive design modelling and it would therefore be valuable
for both architects and engineers.

Locations & Dates

*	Durham, North Carolina; May 11-15, 2015

Discounts are available for students/researchers/faculty and multiple
company attendees booking 4 or more days.

Space is limited so we encourage early registration.

b5d88a7911&id=71728d17d5&e=29dfc232a3> Additional course information and

Are you designing and modeling net zero buildings? What are you waiting for?
DesignBuilder is the best software on the market today for that job!

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