[Ibpsausa] Heating and Electricity demand in NYC Buildings

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Thu Nov 12 05:55:39 PST 2009

Dear All,

I'm a Columbia University Ph.D student at Mechanical Engineering Department.

I'm currently preparing a Proposal for the National Science Foundation that would allow to fund my Ph.D program with other students, that involves Renewable Energies Storage.

We are currently looking for data about heating and electricity consumption in NYC, in terms of:

- hourly BTU (or pounds of steam) demand per square meter (or square foot) in tradictional and green buildings.

- hourly electricity demand (including lighting, appliances and cooling).

We would like to determine the daily demand trend for heating and electricity in New York City during the year, to understand IF and eventually WHEN energy generated through renewable energies can help or substitute tradictional sources (steam and electricity).

It is really hard to find someone available to share these data, and nobody seems to have them, but I think that meters with remote access have been existing for several years, and were installed few years ago, thus there should be some log-file of steam or electricity demand.

I have almost found something about green buildings (even if there more year based data, not hourly based), but it's pretty difficult to find data about old buildings.

Do you know somebody that could help us?

Thank you for your time.

Best regards


Marco Brighi

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