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Hi again,
I think I need to clarify.  All marked ballots should be sent directly
to Gerhard Zweifel at the e-mail address Gerhard.Zweifel at hslu.ch, not me!
Sorry for any confusion.


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Hello IBPSA-USA Member,

As a member of IBPSA-USA you are also a member of IBPSA-World, our parent

IBPSA-World is currently holding elections for Board Members.  As an
IBPSA-USA member you are entitled to vote in the election.  See below
for the details.

Please note that the voting deadline is July 3, 2008.

Thank you,
Peter Ellis
Secretary, IBPSA-USA


Dear IBPSA Member,

The IBPSA Board is made up of four (4) elected officers, four (4)
elected members-at-large, the past President, plus a member elected from
each of the IBPSA Affiliates.

As is standard procedure, the IBPSA Board has nominated a slate of eight
Board Members to serve the next 2-year term.  The nominees are listed
below along with their respective offices.  Following each name is the
nominee's company affiliation and associated IBPSA Affiliation.  If the
nominee has an additional appointment (function) within IBPSA, this is
also added following the name. You can consult
http://www.ibpsa.org/m_about.asp#members <http://www.ibpsa.org/m_about.asp#members>  <http://www.ibpsa.org/m_about.asp#members <http://www.ibpsa.org/m_about.asp#members> >  for information on the persons.

3 months (90 days) have passed since the first call for voting. No
write-in candidates have been nominated within the 60 days period.

This is now the second call, and voting will remain open for another 30
days and close on July 3rd, 2008.

Please note that Regional Affiliate Representatives are elected by their
respective Affiliate members and are not part of this election.

You may:

1.      Vote for the entire slate of nominees (Yes or No),

2.      Vote for each nominee individually (Yes, No or blank.),


A.   I am voting for the full slate of nominees:    Yes _____   No _____

B.  I am voting for each nominee individually as follows:

President: Jan Hensen (Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands)
Yes___  No ____ Write-in candidate: __________________________

Vice-President: Ian Beausoleil-Morrison (Carleton University, Canada)
Yes___  No ____ Write-in candidate: __________________________

Secretary: Drury Crawley (U.S. Department of Energy, USA)
Yes___  No ____ Write-in candidate: __________________________

Treasurer: Charles "Chip" Barnaby (Wrightsoft Corporation, USA)
Yes___  No ____ Write-in candidate: __________________________

Immediate Past President: Jeffrey Spitler (Oklahoma State University,USA)
(No vote required. This position is automatic.)


Larry Degelman (Texas A&M University, USA)
Yes___  No ____ Write-in candidate: __________________________

Karel Kabele (Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic)
Yes___  No ____ Write-in candidate: __________________________

Roberto Lamberts (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil)
Yes___  No ____ Write-in candidate: __________________________

Jonathan Wright (Loughborough University, UK)
Yes___  No ____ Write-in candidate: __________________________


Return your marked ballot to Gerhard Zweifel at the e-mail address
(Gerhard.Zweifel at hslu.ch <mailto:Gerhard.Zweifel at hslu.ch <mailto:Gerhard.Zweifel at hslu.ch> > ).

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