[Hap-users] Slab On Grade/Below Grade Floor Transmission

Benedict Javate via Hap-users hap-users at lists.onebuilding.org
Tue Oct 25 07:51:15 PDT 2016


What is exactly is HAP's methodology in calculation floor heat transmission? I am defining heat losses for a basement through its floor, but only spaces with an exposed perimeter seem to have heat loss through the floor. To me that doesn't make sense, as spaces that are exposed to the soil should have heat transmission through the floor regardless of whether or not that particular space's below grade wall is exposed to the soil as well. 

To clarify, as an example, my basement floor consists of 6 rooms completely surrounding a corridor. The 6 rooms, as expected output heat loss through the floor, but the corridor does not. Shouldn't the corridor also have floor heat loss much like the 6 surrounding rooms as the basement floor is exposed to the soil?

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