[Equest-users] Refrigeration version - mechanical subcooler

Brian Fountain bfountain at greensim.com
Wed Mar 25 17:59:30 PDT 2020

I have a model of a refrigerated warehouse in the refrigeration version 
of eQUEST.  It is running in version 7174 currently.

I am trying to add a mechanical subcooler to the model.  I can add the 
subcooler keywords, the PS-H for the subcooler is generated but so far 
despite many control keyword iterations, I am seeing no load on the 
subcooler and no impact on the refrigeration system with its inclusion 
in the model.

Currently, my inputs are:

    "Subcooler 1" = SUBCOOLER
        TYPE             = MECHANICAL
        ATTACH-TO        = REFG-SYSTEM
        REFG-SYSTEM      = "Refrigeration System"
        CAPACITY         = {#PA("Subcool Cap TR")*3413}
        DESIGN-SUBCOOL-T = 40
        SST-SUBCOOL-TD   = {60}
        SUPERHEAT-DT     = {101-90}
        TEMP-CTRL        = SATURATION-DT
        SATURATION-DT    = 40
        SUCTION-CIRCUIT  = "Low Temp Suction Circuit"
    "Subcool liquid circuit" = REFG-CIRCUIT
        TYPE             = LIQUID
        ATTACH-TO        = SUBCOOLER
        SUBCOOLER        = "Subcooler 1"

Has anyone successfully added mechanical subcooling to a refrigeration 
version simulation?

Many thanks,

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