[Equest-users] Fun with keyword expressions

Bishop, Bill bbishop at pathfinder-ea.com
Tue Feb 11 09:11:40 PST 2020

Let's have some fun! Share your creative keyword expressions with the group!

One of the features of eQUEST that I most enjoy is the ability to write custom keyword expressions. For example, here's an expression for WINDOW:HEIGHT :
if(#SV(#P3S())>2) then 5.33
  else 10.50 endif
The expression assigns different heights depending on which floor the window is on. (#P3S is the great-grandparent of the window. FLOOR-> SPACE-> WALL-> WINDOW.)
Note that you can use operators outside of If-then and switch statements. In this case, since WINDOW:HEIGHT is the height of the glazed part of the window, the expression subtracts twice the frame width after evaluating the if-then statement.

Your turn...


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