[Equest-users] No building load hourly value

Nicholas Caton Nicholas.Caton at se.com
Tue Apr 21 07:02:30 PDT 2020

I haven’t encountered this before, personally.

If you try to open the .hsr file generated with the simulation as a csv file, do you get the same result?  Does this behavior persist between different projects on the same machine?  Feels like a long shot but you might try sharing your project (INP/PD2/PRD) with someone else to see if they can reproduce on another machine.

For what it’s worth, this doesn’t sound like anything that would be specific to your project files however (INP/PD2/PRD).  From that, a probable resolution path may just be re-downloading/reinstalling a fresh copy of eQuest.


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Dear all,

After I export building load with hourly report function,
I can see the results with D2SimViewer,
but all the value shown in .csv file is ZERO.

Does anyone know how to fix it?
Many thanks for your help.


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