[Equest-users] User Expression Window Width, Height as Function of Glass-Type

Melissa Crowe MCrowe at cmta.com
Wed Apr 8 14:05:18 PDT 2020

Hi All

Hoping this day find you all safe at home and healthy!

Having a LEED review head-ache.  I need to change the way eQuest evaluates the assembly U-value for the proposed building.

I have 12 window types with variations in glazing, dimensions and # of mullions.  The way I see it now easiest to assign each window type as a "Glass-Type"  and then do an expression for height, width and frame width for each type.

Is there a way to do Height as function of Glass-Type..... the following is not working for me.

case "GT1" :  12
case "GT3" :  8
case "GT4" :  4
default :      #@##!! 

The problem is that  default : is required and all cases end up being the default.

Any Ideas?


Melissa Crowe, LEED AP, BEMP
Senior Mechanical/Energy Engineer

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