[Equest-users] Using DOE-2.2 furniture weight to model in-space thermal storage

Brian Fountain bfountain at greensim.com
Wed Jun 20 18:08:24 PDT 2018

I am involved in a refrigerated warehouse project where the design 
includes substantial thermal mass within the space to be used as thermal 

I am playing with the FURN-WEIGHT keyword in order to investigate 
whether the thermal response changes -- but the change I am seeing with 
a considerable increase in furniture weight is nearly negligible.

There is also a keyword WEIGHTING-FACTOR but I cannot find documentation 
on this keyword in the DOE-2.2 help file or see where the custom 
weighting factors are in the library.

Are there limits to what DOE-2.2 can model in terms of thermal mass?

Insights are very welcome.

Thank you for any suggestions, guidance or places to look.

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