[Equest-users] Energy Model Input Translator (EMIT) tool download

Nicholas Caton Nicholas.Caton at schneider-electric.com
Thu Jun 7 08:48:55 PDT 2018

That's the same version I've got on-record, FWIW.

I'll caution for new users of EMIT:  there is a small issue/bug with the schedule export function which you can work around, but would merit attention if anyone ever decides to create a v1.5:  The resulting INP snippet exported can end up with more than 80 characters in one line, which will cause varying degrees of havoc if imported straight into eQuest (those lines will get trimmed, losing pieces of the BDL, and you'll get all manner of warnings/errors after the fact).

This QC step is very easy using a text editor like notepad++, then turning on an 80-character "guideline" in the options.

Here are some screenshots illustrating the issue I'm talking about:

  1.  The inputs:

[cid:image001.png at 01D3FE46.D24F1400]

  1.  The result, on opening the generated INP - problem lines are highlighted.  Note also the cyan-colored "guideline" option available in notepad++ and other text editors:

[cid:image005.png at 01D3FE47.2FB2B390]

  1.  The fix:  After hitting the enter key in a few places, this'll import cleanly!

[cid:image006.png at 01D3FE4A.EAC57340]

Summary:  The EMIT schedule export function remains something I use regularly as a time-saver / enabler for deeper analyses, however I recommend best practice to open up the generated INP and look for/resolve these sorts of issues before patching into a working model.


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Here is the version I have on hand.

Have fun :)

[Bouthillette Parizeau]<http://www.bpa.ca/>

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Hello all,

I am curious if somebody knows where to download the Energy Model Input Translator (EMIT) tool created by the Rocky Mountain Institute? All links that I have found are down. So, if you have a copy of the installer or know a link that is working I will really appreciate if you can send it to me.

Ultimately, I want to create an eQuest schedule based on an hourly output, and the EMIT tool is supposedly capable of this.

Thank you very much in advance.

Francisco Contreras, MASc, LEED® AP BD+C
H.H. Angus & Associates Limited Consulting Engineers | T 416-443-8200 ext. 607

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