[Equest-users] FYI - Running eQUEST in DOE-2.3 vs. DOE-2.2

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Thanks Bill, much easier that starting a wizard just to change the DOE version. Paul Diglio
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In eQUEST.ini there is a flag to determine which is calc engine will be used next time eQUEST opens. 
0 for DOE 2.2 1 for DOE refg2 for DOE 2.3
I find that easier.

On Dec 5, 2018 2:25 PM, "Bishop, Bill via Equest-users" <equest-users at lists.onebuilding.org> wrote:

Today’s public service announcement: You can run the latest eQUEST versions using either the DOE2.2 or DOE-2.3 simulation engine. To run using DOE-2.3 (and access the new capabilities including DOAS units and VRF), go to the Tools menu within the eQUEST interface: Tools -> Select DOE2 Version (At Next eQUEST Startup) -> DOE 2.3. Once you close the model and reopen eQUEST, it will run using DOE-2.3. NOTE: there are compatibility issues between DOE-2.2 and DOE-2.3. The eQUEST interface looks similar, but the simulations are not.You cannot switch between DOE-2.2 and DOE-2.3 in the same model. If you are starting with an existing model, save a separate version of the model before you open it in eQUEST-running-DOE2.3. You will probably get errors that you will have to navigate through. (That’s a topic for future emails!) This also means that in order to maintain backwards-compatibility, you should no longer open old DOE-2.2 models in the new eQUEST without first verifying that eQUEST is running in DOE-2.2 mode. This is shown on the initial eQUEST Startup Options window when you first open eQUEST. If you open eQUEST and it says DOE 2.3 but you want to run in DOE-2.2, you need to go to the Tools menu as described above. Unfortunately, to do that you first need to open a model that you have already simulated in DOE 2.3, or else create a new wizard model. I don’t see an easy fix for the developers and/or our community to come up with a less clunky way to switch between the two DOE-2 modes within the eQUEST interface. Since I already have multiple versions of eQUEST installed on my computer, I think I will just install two versions of build 7175 and name them 7175-DOE22 and 7175-DOE23. ~Bill William Bishop, PE, BEMP, BEAP, CEM, LEED APSenior Energy Engineer T: (585) 698-1956                        F: (585) 325-6005bbishop at pathfinder-ea.com        www.pathfinder-ea.com134 South Fitzhugh StreetRochester, NY 14608                     Ask me why Carbon Fee & Dividend may be right for you. 

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