[Equest-users] Modelling losses in chillers

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Thu Aug 9 02:56:17 PDT 2018

Hola Modelers,

Its time that I need some help!!

My building includes chilled water district cooling system in which I have
received a review comment which is as follows:

*“If following Option 2 of the district thermal guidelines the Proposed
model must reflect a virtual plant with the same average efficiencies of
the entire upstream district energy system based on actual loading (average
efficiencies can be determined using either the Monitoring or Modeling
methods described in Appendix C). Alternatively, the default plant
efficiency values outlined in Section of the guidelines (4.4 COP
for DES cooling plant and 70% for DES heating plant) may be may be used to
reflect the district energy plants in the Proposed model**. In addition,
thermal distribution losses must be accounted for in the Proposed model
based on the losses determined in the actual design or the default values
outlined in Section of the guidelines may be used (5% for chilled
water district cooling, 10% for hot water district heating, 15% for closed
steam loop, or 25% for open steam loop)**”*

Can anyone help me on how should I account 5 % losses mentioned in the
comment (highlighted in red)??

Waiting for the reply.


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