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I have doubts about how you're doing this.  I used to model 
non-conditioned buildings in Asia by using the Residential (RESYS) 
system and setting the Heating and Cooling Setpoint temperatures way 
below or above the actual room temperature so that they never come on, 
e.g.,  Heating at 99 and Cooand , which has a different VENT-TEMP-SCHEDULE

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On 2/14/2017 5:34 AM, Kirti Pabrekar - Patil via Equest-users wrote:
> Dear eQuesters,
> I have the following doubt.
> 1. This is a hostel building. all the rooms are non ac except the 
> wardens cabin and the counselling room. These two rooms have split units.
> 2. I have to model this for thermal comfort compliance - so i need to 
> show that there are less unmet hours in the building.
> How do I go about this?
> What i thought was as under,
> 1. I made the entire model and assigned the ac and non ac spaces as 
> per design.
> 2. I plan to put a system in the non ac rooms, such that the CFM 
> generated due to ceiling fans can be put as Fan Flow Parametres. A 12 
> hour fan schedule (as per the evening + night time occupancy hours) 
> can be assigned to this. Other than this there will be no input 
> parameter assigned to this system - no COP, no efficiency. Other than 
> this these rooms have to behave as non ac spaces.
> Now my questions,
> 1. Do you think this is logical way to do?
> 2. Is there any other way to go about this?
> 3. If what i have described in point 2 is okay, while i assigning 
> systems what should it be? Like Sum or FNSYS or VAVS etc? Please let 
> me know the specifics
> Please give me an insight into this ya.
> Regards
> Kirti
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