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Hi Tim,

For LEED projects the unmet load hour can go up-to 300 hours for the
Baseline Case and the unmet hours in the proposed case shall not exceed the
unmet hours in the base case by more than 50 hours.

However in order to remove unmet load hour you can tweak with the heating
set-points to higher limits, changing the control zone to more larger
spaces, might be increasing the throttling range to 8 degree Fahrenheit and
so on.
May be this can help.


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Subject: [Equest-users] unmet heating load hours

I have a Costco warehouse equest model with 4 unmet heating load hours in
my proposed model with zero in my baseline budget model.  I need to be able
to tweak my model to get rid of these unmet load hours but minor tweaks
don’t seem to make a difference.  Could there be something wrong with the
model that results in having a few unmet load hours that are hard to get
rid of?

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