[Equest-users] Two heating systems in 1 zone.

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Agreed - baseboards are my first choice for handling "oh and there's also a space heater you forgot about" and similarly simple scenarios, when that's a feasible option.

In some instances, zonal reheat can also play a role in approximating a second system, where baseboards are unavailable or otherwise in use.  Caution however to consider the implications on the "terminal box" (even if it's virtual/imaginary) capacity to deliver needed heating/cooling at all hours.

There's also always the option to turn your single zone into two.  It's typically not as simple post-wizards (experiences like this build foresight to draw up your zone maps to avoid the issue - we're always learning!), but is definitely do-able!  You can thermally connect the two zones with an air wall to ensure ready heat transfer.  Be mindful this practice can demand extra inputs (relying less on auto-sizing) to ensure adequate capacity/airflow are provided to each "sub-zone."

Also stepping back a bit for perspective - this might be a worthwhile exercise: consider whether 2 similar systems can be effectively "combined" into one for the simulation (perhaps of a 3rd type).  Conceptualizing, executing, and verifying behavior for the marriage of distinct real-world systems is often a mental-hurdle the first few times, but can become a very useful sub-skillset in your energy analysis toolbox for tackling very complex situations.


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You can have baseboard heat plus an airside system. Only one air system can serve a zone.


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Subject: [Equest-users] Two heating systems in 1 zone.

Is there a way to put two heating systems in 1 zone?

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