[Equest-users] no changes in building electricity consumption with set point change

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Hi Fakeha,

You will have to change the timing duration of the HVAC Fan too to have a
change in the electricity consumption in and as per the 6am and 8 pm timing
duration change of the cooling or heating set-points schedules.
This may result in the working hour change and increase or decrease of the
HVAC Fan and the HVAC.
For a change in the electrical consumption, the lighting schedule change
has an effect on the cooling or heating consumption as the sensible heat
due to the lighting fixture is having an effect on that.

If the set-points of the cooling is changed then one is required to have an
effective change of the ON/OFF schedule of the HVAC Fan and hence some
drastic change on the total cooling or heating consumption.
I think that the Fan might be OFF during the drastic cooling set-point
change duration.
If the Fan is OFF then there can not be drastic effect on the cooling
consumption mainly. This can have an effect on the unmet hours might be.


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Subject: [Equest-users] no changes in building electricity consumption with
set point change
My building operates at 76F from 6am to 8pm. If thelectric lighting is
reduced cooling electricity consumption reduces but if the set points are
changed (increased or decreased from 6am to 8pm) than the building's
monthly/daily electricity consumption does not change at all. I am not sure
why this is happening.

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