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eQUEST has some capability to model ice rinks. In the “Air-Side HVAC” module select the appropriate zone, then click on “Spreadsheet” at the top. For the Display Mode select “Ice Skating Rinks” at the very bottom of the list. There is a similar spreadsheet in the “Water-Side HVAC” module. These inputs are available only in the spreadsheet view, not in the classic window view.

I started using these ice rink inputs years ago for an ice rink and ran into a roadblock. I think it had something to do with eQUEST not accepting the brine temperature or the deltaT. Anyway, I ended up doing spreadsheet calcs for the refrigeration system (compressors, pumps, floor heat, low emissivity ceiling, etc.) and another program for the rest of the building. The effect of the cooling from the ice on the HVAC system can be modeled as a process load with a negative heat gain.

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I am looking for pointers for modeling ice arenas. This project has a typical ice plant. Condenser heat recovery is used for the warm water loop below the insulation, adjacent the soil to prevent freezing. The condenser heat recovery is also used for DHW preheat for the Zamboni hot water and for the snow-melt pit. There is a desiccant dehumidifier to maintain RH in the arena.

Any ideas, papers, etc. appreciated.

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Subject: [Equest-users] Samsung VRF System

Dear eQUEST experts,
I am trying to model Samsung VRF unit in my LEED project. I have modeled Daikin VRF units in other projects, using the manufacturer’s performance curves and guidelines for modeling these systems in eQUEST with no problem. However, it seems that the Samsung representative is not able to provide the performance curve of the condensing units. Is there any way to model this system without having the performance curves?
I truly appreciate your help,

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