[Equest-users] Windows 10 SIM File

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The solution may be to install Oracle VM with Windows 7 or XP as guest machine and run eQuest on that guest. I haven’t used this approach with Windows 10 but it works well using Windows 7 host, VM with XP guest to run legacy programs such as eQuest 3.63, CANQUEST, EE4 etc.

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I still haven’t run into this one myself (or at least not in recent memory), but I last time this popped up on the lists somebody found manually copying/saving the project into a new directory and opening from there fixed the issue of “blank/incomplete” SIM reports, independent of reboots and reinstallations...  Worth a shot?

I have encountered an odd issue involving Windows 10 / Surface Pro 3 and the actual eQUEST interface missing labels for the input dialogs … but I haven’t seen any similar reports from others just yet.


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Subject: [Equest-users] Windows 10 SIM File

eQuest 3.65 build7163.

Appear to be having issues with Windows 10 and SIM file generation. This is both the in D2Sim Viewer and the SIM file in a text editor.  Have tested running with ‘normal’ and in compatibility mode for Windows 7, and Windows Vista SP2. No luck.

Is a hit & miss issue as I was fine, and then this started happening. And now won’t stop.

College has had success getting this resolved with 3.65 build 7173 – but due to previous issues (also sent out on list-serve) about the SIM files becoming unformatted junk, I have been hesitant to ‘upgrade’.

Also, oddly, the SIM file has become all bold text as well….but I can get past that.

Any Ideas?

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