[Equest-users] huge energy savings for DOAS FC/CB system compared to VAV

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Dear eQuester,

Sorry for disturbing at weekend, but this is an urgent project for me, please help...

I am modeling an office building with first floor as a canteen with kitchen. Proposed case has DOAS with fan coil/chilled beam (induction ratio of 4), energy source is natural gas boiler and chilled water meter. Baseline has VAV with reheat systems for office, and packaged single zone systems for kitchen, basement, canteen, gym, and several printing rooms. My problem is baseline model energy use for space heating and cooling is much higher than proposed case (5 times for heating, 2 times for cooling), I know chilled beam could save energy for 20% ~30% by reduced supply air flow rate, and intermediate CHW/HW temperature, but I really did not expect such a huge saving. Since this is a LEED project, the reviewer proposed this issue. I am trying to debug for several days, but still no answers. If anyone could take a look at my model and give any comments, I am really grateful with that!

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