[Equest-users] Zoning Pattern Litter on Wizard Screen 2????

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Hi Melissa,

I had exactly the same issue with a similarly detailed simulation using EQ 365. I spent a lot of time sorting through the zones and found that it occurred after a certain number of zones were defined (somewhere around 140 in one shell, if I remember correctly). I tried several things to adjust it and did a lot of tests but ultimately, although it made me sweat a bit, I found that it had no impact on the results and did not at all affect the simulation once in detailed mode. Hopefully this is the case for you!

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Has anyone ever produced a wizard zoning pattern with the kind of "Litter" I have achieved (shown in the Wizard Sscreen 2 below)  for a rather detailed  (but necessarily so) one level building?  The "Litter" is not reflected in the custom zoning screen (also below).  This is a new one on me and usually funny things on the Wizard Screen 2 drawing indicate problems.  How ever the building simulates with no BLD issues.

Any insights?
Maybe it's just Friday.

[cid:image003.png at 01D2AE27.63C52DF0][cid:image004.jpg at 01D2AE27.63C52DF0]


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