[Equest-users] SIM file displaying incorrectly

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I can confirm that I have run into this issue, it seems like since I went to the new build of eQuest it will randomly do this. I haven’t been able to track down what is going on either. And have done the same tricks you have with quit/reopen and restarting. Sometimes it work, sometime not. I can run two different models side by side and have the SIM behave differently. Confusing. But I can confirm that you’re not alone (or crazy!)

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Hi Jason,

I can assure you the file simulates and produces a SIM SV-A report without these problems on my machine.  I’d attach the SIM, but at ~7MB it might not get through to you and the lists with reliability.

Considering also that both D2SIMViewer’s from different builds show the same problem suggests the problem is not with your project files or with your output viewers – there’s something up with your local eQuest installation.  I’d uninstall and reinstall build 7163 next, or if you’re pressed for time just switch to someone else’s computer.


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Hello eQUEST community,

I was wondering if anyone has ever experienced a SIM file that is missing the normal headers for certain reports? For example, my SV-A report display looks like this:

[cid:image003.jpg at 01D2102C.EAF16620]

I have tried opening and closing eQUEST, restarting my computer, opening the file on another computer, opening the file with the EQ3.64 Simviewer AND EQ3.65 simviewer, and I’ve made modifications to my simulation but nothing seems to help. This leads me to believe that there is something wrong with the simulation but the simulation runs well without any errors and I get results that make reasonable sense. My other simulation .SIM files seem to work fine. I have attached the simulation file in question which was simulated using EQ 3.65, build 7163.

Any thoughts?? I would have started by checking the archives but they still seem to be not working…

Many thanks,

  [Bouthillette Parizeau] <http://www.bpa.ca/>

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