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If the wall touches the other building and the other building is about the same temperature (not an open parking garage) so that there is no heat transfer through the wall, then I would treat it as an adiabatic wall.

If there is a gap, I would treat it as an outside wall and put a site shade right next to it.

If the gap is really small so that it’s neither totally exposed to the outside ambient conditions nor totally adiabatic, you could increase the wall’s effective R-value to approximate the heat transfer rate you think is really happening.

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Hi Gang:

Food (and query) for thought.

I am doing a remodel of a New York Building that is essentially a tenement (?). Building squished between other buildings. Side walls essentially lay against next building.

Inside wall? Outside wall with no solar?

How would you model this?

John R. Aulbach, PE
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