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Follow Chris’s advice below to explore keyword expressions. It also helps to look at the bdldft.txt file, which contains the official default expressions in one list. It can be found in the eQUEST 3-65 Data -> DOE-2 folder which is most likely within your Documents folder.

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The best source for information on DOE2.2 is the manuals available for download on the doe2.com site. Keyword expressions are covered in DOE22Vol3-Topics. The ComplianceAnalysis manual also covers keyword expressions but a number of the expressions available in the compliance analysis module are not available to the .inp file. The eQUEST interface can show you the default expressions for all the keywords. Right click on an input, select View Default/Range, click Edit/View Expressions. For example, Condenser Water Loop, Operation, Loop Operation, the default expression is:
     #RV(#L("PRIMARY-LOOP")) != 0)

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Hi guys,

is there any materials (Books, websites, examples) to learn DOE 2 expressions beside the "Overview of DOE-2.2".

Thank you,

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