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Hey Guys,

I'm designing the Baseline System 7- Packaged VAV with Reheat. While doing it I've encountered a few doubts.

The Building's Proposed Air side System is a 100% Fresh Air VAV with Demand Control Ventilation.

For the Baseline, from Appendix G and Table 1.4, section G Ventilations, says:

The minimum outdoor air ventilation rates (including infiltration) are the same for the Proposed and Baseline building designs consistent with Section G3.1.2.5 unless demand control ventilation is modelled for credit, in which case, the ASHRAE 62.1 minimum ventilation rates from IEQp1 are modelled for all Baseline systems where credit is taken for demand control ventilation

Do I have to calculate Fresh Air(outdoor Air) cfm for each of the Zones in my Building  using Ashrae 62.1 ?

Meanwhile, most of the spaces in the building have Meeting rooms( high occupant density, more than 40/1000 sf)  and Kitchen area, open offices which are larger than 500 sqft area's considering....
Demand control ventilation is modelled in the Baseline case for all spaces larger than 500 square feet that have a design occupancy for ventilation of greater than 40 people per 1,000 sf of floor area (except for spaces served by Baseline systems that do not have one of the following: an air-side economizer, automatic modulating control of the outdoor air damper, or a design outdoor airflow of greater than 3,000 cfm) per G3.1.2.5 /

With 1 system per floor,
Will I have to model all the VAV Air side system with DCV sensors ? As 1 AHU will be serving 1 floor

Best Regards


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