[Equest-users] ERV and DCV

beran gurtekin beran_gc at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 14 07:07:35 PST 2015

  Good morning,
I am modeling a school and the system includes ERV and enthalpy economizers as well as DCV.What is the best way to do DCV in eQuest (step-by-step) for LEED/ASHRAE. What are the inputs at the system level and at the zone level?
For ERV, the RTU fan takes care of the whole system (there is no self-contained fan for ERV). In that case should the static pressure drop be reduced to minimum allowed? 
I have zone level OA/person and OA/sq.ft. inputs no system level OA. ERV is set up as enthalpy wheel.
Thank you,Beran
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