[Equest-users] 3-D Geometry View

Sheila Sagerer sheila at energyopportunities.com
Thu Aug 6 07:04:05 PDT 2015

Good morning Jill,


Patrick’s advice is perfect when the 3D view disappears due to a zooming issue.  J


However, be aware for future reference that occasionally the 3D view does disappear when you’ve made a lot of changes to the geometry – this usually happens as soon as you attempt to rotate or zoom the image. Reset camera, etc does NOT work when it is due to excessive changes (I think it may have something to do with the amount of RAM taken up by the changes so not enough left to operate the 3D view -but don’t quote me on that…).


If the reset camera does not work, close the program WITHOUT saving it!  Yes, you will lose whatever wasn’t saved, but when you open it back up, the 3D view will be there. It is also recommended that you reboot your computer at this point before reopening eQuest in order to clear out the RAM.  


If you saved it without the 3D view showing and reset camera does not work, then you cannot get the 3D view back without some manipulation of the .pd2 file outside eQuest while opened in a text editor (I prefer Notepad for working with eQuest files)..…  


Happy modeling!


Sheila Sagerer

Energy Engineer, EIT, LEED AP

Energy Opportunities, Inc, a 7group company



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While in your 3D view, right click on the background and click « Reset Camera ». You should see the axis reappear in the background.

Now simply click on another module (such as Internal Loads) and go back to your 3D view in Building Shell.


Everything should be back to normal.



Patrick Lapierre_ing.

plapierre at bpa.ca


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Newbie question - I was trying to zoom in while in 3-D Geometry view and held ctrl while pressing the right mouse key and now can no longer see anything on the 3-D screen. I think I may have zoomed in or out to much. Is there a way to refresh to bring picture back?


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