[Equest-users] HVAC Warnings Regarding Supply CFM Smaller Than Total Specified Outside Air

Jill Moreland jill.moreland at plugsmart.com
Thu Aug 20 10:31:41 PDT 2015

Good Afternoon Life Savers,

I am happy to say that I have resolved all of my errors and have done
everything in Wizard mode so I can make changes without losing days of work
(which has happened several times on this, my first project). I am getting
multiple Warnings and Cautions and am wondering if this is something that I
should be concerned about or should just ignore. I have included a .pdf of
these in the zipped file attached.

My project is a 6 story chilled water hospital with dozens of air handlers
and a significant amount of outside air. When entering the AHU's I chose
VAV because I did not see an option for CAV and went with 100% as I thought
this most closely reflected my situation. I chose "specify" for the system
supply fans and entered the actual data for the systems. These choices
generated the warnings. In an effort to trouble shoot this on my own I
found that if I change "specify" to "Auto-Size" the warnings will go away
but I don't feel that I am accurately reflecting the scenario.

So my question is, should I be concerned about these errors or disregard?
Also is there a better way to enter CAV chilled water systems that I am
missing? As always, any and all help is greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Jill Moreland
Connect Program Manager
Plug Smart
Jill.Moreland at PlugSmart.com
Cell: 239-233-0993
Fax: 800-518-5576

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